Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rhymeland Number Nine - The Pig Barber

This is another one of those head scratching nursery rhymes!

Barber, Barber, shave a pig!

How many hairs to make a wig?

Four and twenty, that's enough,

Give the poor barber a pinch of snuff!

So, who thought boar bristles would make a good wig? A hairbrush maybe, but a wig?

It does make a cute block, though!


Anonymous said...

The "pinch of snuff" part is a little odd for a kids rhyme! Tish

Iron Needles said...

I am a bit concerned about the shaving a pig part...

but who am I concerned about...the pig....

or the barber...who doesn't look that old?

is it barber school, where they practice on...pigs?

Anonymous said...

I thought I knew or at least had heard all the nursery rhymes...However, this is new to me. Cute design, though. Love, WS

Lynne said...

This is a new one for me about the barber and the pig. Makes a very cute block tho! The pig looks quite happy even though he does appear to be wiggling a bit.

Aren't "nursery" rhymes intriguing? You know they came from somewhere, but you really have to wonder about their origins.

I remember hearing that "Ring around the Rosy" was really about the Black Death but there are skeptics about that explanation. Imagine us all joined hands, skipping in a circle and singing about the plague! I'm glad I didn't know that then!