Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Lion In Winter

Well, really spring, but work with me, here...

This is Baby - home from the vet on Saturday afternoon.

She is modeling her new 'do' - The Lion Cut as they say in the trade. (The necessity of the new do is explained here.) They give us the choice as to a full tail, or the pom-pom version. I say let her have a little dignity and keep the tail! They also leave her the mane and 'boots'.

She is soft as suede and very tiny!

She really doesn't mind the shave, as long as there is a wool throw on the chair to snuggle into at night.

She just doesn't like the indignity of the whole ordeal. She is not a cat that 'cooperates' with the veterinary staff. (When she goes in for routine office visits, they have to put a tiny kitty muzzle on her just to examine her!)

So she takes it out on Zork when she gets home.

Zork just bides his time and tries to lay low, until she gets over it.

This time he found a hiding spot in the last place she is likely to go near, for awhile anyway.

Or maybe he is just dreaming of a road trip...


Martha said...

Oh my....she looks so silly, but of course, she will be much more
comfortable, and she's a good sport. Zork is a very clever cat, indeed!

Iron Needles said...

Yeah....a road trip. I am so sure. Maybe in the Gal!

Anonymous said...

I think Zork is VERY clever, he knows where to go to avoid Miss Priss. He has had many years to learn!! Love, WS