Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stash update - week 8 & 9

This is a two week report, since I was at QuiltCon last Sunday.
A lot of fabric came home with me, but I showed great restraint in purchasing!  I bought a mini charm pack of Oakshott and a bag of scraps from Lotta Jansdottir's studio.   

Lotta had a booth on the last day of the convention and had mentioned to some folks that took her class that she would be selling some scraps from her studio, so I made a point to find her as soon as the doors opened. It was kind of a pricey little bag but it does have quite a variety of fabric.  Probably a yard at most, by weight.  

This is the rest of what I brought home. I have to confess that I may have gone back to a couple of vendors more than once, but the bulk of the 14 yards (!) was some yardage from a vendor booth  used as table cloth and skirting that was left behind after they tore down. Alissa Carlton said, "hey, why don't one of you volunteers take this fabric" and I was all over it!  I only 'undressed' one table, though. Another lady claimed the other one. Good thing, since I was not checking a bag for the flight home and my carry on capacity was filling up!

I can only report a tiny bit of fabric used in the last two weeks,  .07 yards. Just a ten inch square that I used for an embroidered label for Bebe Quilt Collaboration #4.  You can see the finished quilt (and the label) here.  I took the embroidery blocks for #5 with me to Texas, but really didn't have a spare minute to stitch.   The Mister and I are taking a road trip in a couple of weeks, so they will be my travel project.  I need to hand them off to Dsis at the end of April.

I had hoped to have the pastel scrappy trip that I started before I went to Texas finished. I would probably have finished it yesterday but I basted it poorly and had to pick out a bunch of quilting and do it over. I am using some puffy polyester batting for the first time and it was a little more challenging than I expected. It will be a very warm quilt and I think the loft will be appealing to a child. And, I am using what I have. 

Fabric added this week - 14yards
Fabric added YTD - 25.83 yards
Fabric used this week - .07yards
Fabric used YTD - 30.93 yards
Net Stash change - 5.1 yards

I am going to sew all day today, so I hope to be able to report significant usage next week.  And I hope to have a two more donation quilts to take to guild next week!

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Sharon M said...

What a haul!!! You better start sewing girl! I love the Lotta scraps. Reminds me of Marimekko fabric.