Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stash Update - Week 10

This week, I have two finishes.  The nursery pastel scrappy trip used 2.82 yards and Kitty Cucumber used 3.33 yards for a total of 6.25 yards used for the week.

And...I fell off the wagon.  I am blaming it on "coupon commotion" at Joann's.  

And my poor self-control.

I intended to use my six 50% off coupons to buy red embroidery floss. (I use so much red that it  never  hurts to stock up a bit.
But, right  inside the door was a special display of Denyse Schmidt fabric. I got half yard cuts of eight different small prints. A great bargain at $6.50 a yard,  but it offset a significant percentage of what I used this week!  

I am not sure I will get much sewing done in the next three weeks. The Mister and I will be taking a little road trip to visit family in the East.  I am planning to take a sewing Machine and a project or two (specifics to be determined). I may just do handwork, though.  Sewing in the RV is not something I can do in snatches of time.  It all has to be set up and taken down every time, since my sewing station is the dining table and the kitchen bar.

And I may buy some souvenir fabric. 

I will be going to the  Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild Spring Retreat almost as soon as we get home, so I expect to make considerable progress over two days of sewing with friends!  But, there could be fabric shopping with friends, as well...

Fabric added this week - 4 yards
Fabric added YTD - 29.83 yards
Fabric used this week - 6.25       yards
Fabric used YTD - 37.18 yards
Net Stash change - 7.35 yards

I am still on the side of using more than I have added, but I honestly thought I would have made a bigger dent by now.  To stay on track for my goal of 50 yards reduction in  2013, I should be at over 12 yards by the end of March.  I am thinking I had better get something done in the next few days or I will be behind!

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Dee Dee said...

Have a fun and safe trip. Your fabrics are gorgeous.

Zany Quilter said...

Wow...I'm impressed you are still working on the stash reduction! I missed the sale at Jo-Ann's and all my coupons expired...sadly. Enjoy your road least you don't have to live in the RV full time! ;-)

Dar said...

Your fabrics are great. I would have had a hard time resisting too. Have fun on your road trip. Sounds like a great way to travel. Where/when is the KC modern quilt retreat being held?