Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stash Update - Week 12

In the past week, The Mister and I have traveled to Myrtle Beach, then to Philadelphia and now I am in New York, visiting with Ms A and her husband.

I have been very conservative with my souvenir fabric purchases - up to this point. This week I am counting the 2.5 yards I bought in Myrtle Beach. The five yards I bought today, at Ikea in Philadelphia, will go on next weeks report.

On Tuesday, my SIL and I took a little road trip to Lumberton, NC and visited T and J Liquidators. I saw an ad on Craigslist that listed liquidated clothing factories and retail stores. It was a very fun place to poke around in. (the photo shows but one of the four buildings full of sewing supplies!)

I bought some very long zippers, a thread stand, a treadle belt and some ripstop ribbon, but no fabric Most of the fabric was home dec, but they did have some rolls of the fabric that men's pj's are made from.

Tomorrow, I am going to Brooklyn General and to Purl, so I will likely have negative progress for a YTD total next week.

Fabric added this week - 2.5 yards
Fabric added YTD - 32.33 yards
Fabric used this week - 0 yards
Fabric used YTD - 37.18 yards
Net Stash change - 4.85 yards


Gaynell said...

Oh my goodness! What a place!

Sharon M said...

I lived in Lumberton NC for a few years as a child. Your road trip sounds fun. Ikea is a place I have to stay out of as far a fabric is concerned.