Monday, May 17, 2010

On this day in history...

...Dearest Sister was born!

(Here she is pointing the way for me to follow, as usual!)
Last year, we enjoyed celebrating her birthday together, along with all her girlies. They schemed to surprise her by showing up unannounced, and were quite successful!
(Here they are, looking angelic, as usual!)
I wish I could be there, today!
Happy Birthday, DSis!


Lynne said...

What a cute photo! Who's the other little cutie sitting on the blanket? Is that you??

Happy Birthday to B!

Iron Needles said...

I wish you could be here with me, too.

Thanks for the birthday 'tribute', though!

Martha said... cute -- the washtub as a tiny swimming pool. I have some very similar photos.

Happy Birthday Dearest Becky!

Gaynell said...

I think I was the one taking the picture! Could that really have been ...25 years ago?? Love you and Happy Birthday, Becky!!!

Allie said...

Adorable pics, both of them - happy birthday to your dear sis!

Kate said...

What a cute pic! Now I must race over to Iron's place and wish her a happy b day! :)

Anonymous said...

haha, that is such a funny picture! I would love a copy of that!!! (not the one of us, the one of you ;) )
love - K