Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just a catch up -

My camera is on vacation without me, so just a note to fill in the latest gap.

June has been quite the whirlwind! After enjoying the family reunion/birthday celebration for my Dear Aunt, The Mister and I headed down the road with Ms A to Kansas City. Ms A and I visited with her Grandmother and her dad and the three of us ate our way around the area, visiting our favorite restaurants.

After Ms A left to return to her life in the big apple, The Mister and I headed North for the Great Lakes Navel Training Center. Number one Granddaughter was on track to graduate from Basic Training there, the following week. (Her graduation was postponed, after she developed shin splints from over training.) The original date would have allowed me to attend, but as it was pushed back, I had to return to my life in the desert.

The Mister hung out on the shores of Lake Michigan for a few days in Illinois and I was home alone! I took my sewing machine with me on vacation to finish the gift for Dear Aunt, so I found myself with a weekend to sew with no machine. And, I have a project that I need to take on my next vacation - the wedding in Mexico, which is now 6 days away. (I leave in four days - the hectic continues!)

I am making a camera bag insert for my purse. I was coveting one of these, but I decided to try to make one myself, after seeing some great bags at Nordstrom's Rack on screaming deal clearance. I searched for a tutorial and came up with this one but I made it smaller to accommodate my purse dimensions. I don't have extra lenses or other camera stuff, so the smaller one will work for my camera, I think.

I looked on Craigslist to see if I could find a used sewing machine, but I didn't find any that I thought were worth fooling with, so I ended up buying an old used Singer that had been a trade in at a sewing machine shop. It is not as old as my other old Singers. This one is vintage 1975, and I have added zigzag to my stitch capabilities! It may go to charity after the featherweight returns, but, if I can find a corner to store it in, I may hold onto it. You just never know when you might need to zigzag...

I am almost finished with the main part of the camera insert, I just have to make the adjustable dividers which won't take long.

Since the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild meeting will be the week after I return, I also want to get my 'inspiration block' for our bee finished this weekend. I was hoping to follow Cola's inspiration to make a swell passport sleeve (she used this tutorial). I am thinking that will have to be given up on in the interest of time.

The Mister is on his way home - he stopped in Henderson (Nebraska, dang it!) last night, so I still have two days of leaving my sewing things strewn about the place without being in anyone's way.

We will only have a couple of days to catch up with each other before I leave again. I hope July holds a bit less activity!


Gaynell said...

And June is only half gone!

Allie said...

DANG you're having a busy summer, lol - sorry to hear about your granddaughter's shin splints, ouch. And sorry too you couldn't attend.

Home alone with no sewing machine - that sounds like a bad horror movie. Glad you got something you like!

Iron Needles said...

Looking forward to seeing you EOW!!! And I will be interested to see the camera bag. Perhaps I will have you sew me up one as an exchange for knitting up the NY hat!

Or not.

Martha said...

Wow! You really have been busy. You're making me feel like a big slug.

I'm pretty amused by the fact that you own multiple sewing machines, but were forced to buy another one because they were not accessible. Now that's my kind of thinking!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Halfway thru your post, I was hastily going to leave a comment saying Hey! You can have my sewing machine! But, then I saw that you purchased one. I think you might have been the inspiration to buy my sewing machine - 'cause you're so crafty and all - it's still in the box and it's been at least a year since I purchased it! :)) Have a swinging time in Mexico!