Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hodge Podge and Happy Independence Day!

Hello....hello...still there?

I wouldn't blame you for giving up on me! Posting only six times in May and twice in June makes me almost embarrassed to show my face around here!

I have been busy and distracted this past month, but things are coming together and I am starting to feel more like we have a 'new normal'. So, I will not promise to post regularly, but that is my intent!

I thought I would try to catch up a bit, but first, a patriotic nod to the holiday, by way of vintage textiles:

This is one of several vintage fabrics that I have listed in Atomic Sisters etsy shop. I have trouble coming up with 'non-drapery' ideas for large motif fabrics, so I am de-stashing a bit. I just cannot envision using these, so I decided to pass them on to someone else.

In other news:

This past week, The Mister and I took a road trip to the central coast of California. I had some business there and we decided to make a tiny holiday out of the maiden voyage of our new(er) camper. My work was in Santa Maria, so that was the base, but we spent most of Friday exploring some of the country side.

We started with a trip to Solvang for lunch, then explored the wine country around Santa Barbara. We really were not interested in wine, though, just the scenery.
We stopped at the Fess Parker winery, but passed on the coon skin hat wine bottle toppers!

This lavender farm was tucked in amongst the vineyards. I saw it on the map and with a minimum of wrong turns, we found it!

It was so beautiful and just alive with bees and butterflies. We stopped at the little shop and rang the bell, so someone could come out from the house to sell us wonderful soap.

Originally, we thought about spending the long weekend in California, but decided to drive back Saturday and have a weekend at home. The kitties were very glad to see us when we returned. They are a little nervous about all the packing, etc. that has been going on!

Wait until they find out that we are all going to live in the camper...


Allie said...

I would never give up on you, Jan - you've been missed but I know you've been busy! Love the patriotic fabric....Happy 4th to you!
Looks like a beautiful trip. Oh my the cats are in for a surprise, lol. Never fear, they'll get used to it in no time!

Kate said...

Yay! You're back! :) We've missed you. That lavender farm is just gorgeous. It's inspiring me to plant more purple bloomers.

Martha said...

Welcome back!

I love the wine country, and that lavender farm is really pretty.

I wish I had an old cabin that I could fill with these vintage drapery fabrics and bark cloth prints. I love them.

Gaynell said...

I keep checking...and here you are! Glad you had a good trip. I love the lavender..didn't think about the bees, tho'. They make me nervous.

Iron Needles said...

I realize I haven't been commenting. I haven't been much inclined to comment much anywhere lately.

Love the lavendar. Mine is stunning right now. I watch it, and think I should clip it for drying, but maybe tomorrow! And tomorrow? Think the same. Pretty soon, too late! I sure have enjoyed it, but one more year of having no more dried.