Sunday, June 21, 2009

Work in progess...

This is my 100th blog post. I had a grand idea to celebrate with a give-away, but it has come upon me in what feels like the busiest month of my life.

After an unexpected trip to Kansas, I returned home last Monday, and one day later, guests arrived for a short visit. The day of their departure, more guests arrived. All were planned, anticipated and enjoyed, but it has kept me busy and out of my routine.

Even up until a day or two ago, I thought that I might 'catch up' my regular life this weekend and be able to pull it off, but no... So, this will be my 100th post, without commemoration, and instead, I will look forward to celebrating some other random milestone to be named later!

Now, moving on, this is my latest work in progress!

It is a pattern from Hillary Lang at Wee Wonderfuls called "Spring Cleaning". The pattern left the blocks open and suggested filling them in with whatever pattern the stitcher desired, but I followed the photo of Hillary's finished example. My variation is to make the quilt 'redwork' but use different colors for the girl.

I had hoped to show it as a finished project, but that will also be at a date to be named later!

(Edited to add the link to the pattern and instructions.)


Lynne said...

Happy 100th blog post!

Oh, how cute! I did not see this pattern in her store or on her web site. It must be very new! Are they other patterns in the set, or just this one? Looks like fun with all the variation of stitches in the quilt. Can't wait to see what it's going to be as a finished project!

Must work on my towels today!

Anonymous said...

A really charming pattern. Can't wait to see it finished. Love, WS

Allie said...

Happy 100th! I always forget to look at what number I'm on, lol. Love the stitchery, can't wait to see it finished!

Martha said...

Welcome back and congratulations on your 100th post...we are only a few days apart! I love the spring cleaning embroidery.

flossy-p said...

That embroidery is so cute! Happy bloggy milestone by the way!!!

Thanks too for your wise council on changing your name. It's been such a great help hearing peoples points of view, and reasons for the choices they made.

My Mum kept her married name too (after my parents divorced) to keep them same name as my sister and I. Although my sister just recently married and changed her name, and now mum is wondering what to do if I change mine too. It's turned into a big decision for her too :)