Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kitty TV

We are finally in summer. We enjoyed mild weather earlier in June, but now it is getting hot! Not as hot as it will be, but it is 'seasonable'.

When it is hot, Zork doesn't get to watch his 'TV'. He loves to lay in front of the screen door and watch for birds and bugs. It is his window to the world!

See how he slips his paws through the gap in the sill and the screen door? That is adventure to Zork!

Our house guests left yesterday evening. They were a little tired from all the 'going' they did during their stay, so they planned to just lay by the pool and relax on their last day.

Who would have thought it would rain? Not the weather man! It sprinkled on and off all day long. Only a tenth of an inch, but that is significant in the desert. The washes were running fast for an hour or so (washes are empty ditches where the water run off is collected and carried to where ever it goes...) and there was standing water in a couple of intersections that we drove through on the way to a restaurant for dinner.

I am sorry that it ruined their plans, but it was a nice temporary cool down, and by cool down, I mean down to 104 degrees...

Not too bad, though. Even with the rain, it is still a 'dry heat'!


Tish said...

You are so fortunate to have a swimming pool! 104 after it cooled down?! It's been 100 (give or take a few degrees) here the last few days I think. Den went to Coldwater Lake and floated around on his big inner tube this afternoon!
That's a cute cat picture! Adventure for the cat-- that's funny!. See ya, Tish

Lynne said...

We are finally getting some summer warmth. It's going to be in the 80s today with T-storms. Mind you, 80s in NJ feels more like 90s-100 because of the high humidity. This morning the humidity is 100%!!!

We used to play an old game on the computer called "Zork." Loved that game. You didn't name your cat after it by any chance, did you?

Allie said...

LOL - we have kitty and doggie tv too - any window will do! Glad you got a bit of a cool-down. And dry heat or not, it's still hot!

Iron Needles said...

I miss Zork.