Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Looking Forward!

A new year, a clean slate!  (I wish I could say clean sewing room!)

I don't have a round up of projects, or a review of last years goals. I did look back at them, and I am pretty satisfied with the results, but I would rather look forward!

This year,  I really want to set aside some time every day for sewing.  Even if I just sew two pieces of fabric together, I think sewing everyday will keep my momentum going.  

So far, I have finished a small quilt:
Crackle Quilt - 42" x 50"
The pattern is "Crackle" by Aneela Hoey.  I saw a friend's version in solids on Instagram and it really caught my eye.  Enough for me to buy a pattern, when I have many, many quilts in my mental queue!  It went pretty quickly and it was fun to see it come together. I turned it, instead of finishing with a binding which I think is a nice look for this pattern. I think I may try it a bit bigger for a Quilt of Valor. This one will  go to the Birthday Blessings Bee.

I also made a bee block:

It is a version of Elizabeth Dackson's bookshelf block.  This block is due at our next meeting and it has been really fun to see the other bee member's versions in our Facebook group.  Mine is pretty straightforward, but I am pleased with the way it turned out.

Today, I worked on a couple of zip bags that a niece requested, but my main project is this:


(back side)

I got the idea to embellish a small piece of luggage while I was visiting my sis in Colorado, over the holidays.  We went to a few flea markets and I saw something similar, but a much larger suitcase.  

I found a small suitcase at a different flea market during the same visit, and then found this case for $6 at an antique store at a place we stopped on the way home.  

This one was kind of my prototype to practice before tackling the larger (and more expensive)case, which I think will be the perfect size for carting projects to sewing days.  I have not used Mod-Podge before, so I wanted to get comfortable with how it works, first.

I really love the way it looks!  The next step is to try to make a lining for it.  The current interior is nothing awful, but I have a piece of fabric that I think will be a great complement to the outside.

I also plan to continue my effort to sew from my stash and minimize purchasing fabric.  I will be tracking how much fabric I use and how much I add.  Currently, I am in the "black", since I haven't bought anything yet and the quilt used 3.5 yards.  I hope this is not the last time I can say that, but our guild meeting is sponsored this week, so I will likely buy something there.  

If I am going to sew every day, I should be able to keep things under control.  I hope...

Happy New Year! 


Zany Quilter said...

Wow, nice quilt...and I really like what you did with the little case. Cute! I can't wait to see the bigger version....

I can't wait to see more stuff this year!

Gaynell said...

I really like the quilt.The colors are great.
Modge-Podge?? That is really "last century!" Your work on the little train case is very good.

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