Sunday, June 30, 2013

Good-bye, June!

 My sewing room is sill chaos and getting worse! I have been dragging totes and tubs up from the basement that were put there three summers ago. While it is fun to see things that I had forgotten about, it makes a terrible organization challenge!

I have not been faithful keeping things current here, but I have been consistent with getting things listed in my Etsy shop, AtomicSisters. I am up to about 45 items and I have not made a dent. I think I need to increase my listing goal to 10 things a day!

I have So. Much. Vintage.Fabric.

The last time that I did much in the way of e-commerce from the selling side was 7 or 8 years ago and my, how the market has changed. Prices are much lower than I expected, but maybe that is a good thing. Sometimes paying a 'pretty penny' for something can make it hard to cut into.

Here are a couple of fun things that have bubbled up from the debris!

This is a piece I picked up at an estate sale last week. It is overcast stitched on all four sides, so it may have been intended as a table cloth. It doesn't have any of the usual spots or wear of a tablecloth though, and the overcast hem doesn't really look as neat as I would expect for table linen, so it wasn't used much, if at all for that purpose.

I love looking at all the different details!

Recognize these folks?

This fabric is fun, but a little disturbing!  It is the Bordens - Elmer and Elsie and their kids having a barbecue. And, it doesn't look vegan...

It is a double border print  with the 'tossed' utensils in the center.  I am thinking it may have been designed to make a picnic table cloth.

The quilt guild sign ups for a all day sewing retreat in August just opened. I will look forward to sewing there, if I don't tame the chaos before then!


Gaynell said...

Love the Elsie family cooking out!

Sharon M said...

I love your estate sale find. It's cool