Monday, October 18, 2010

Location, Location, Location

This is what I see in the morning before I go to work.
Just beyond the end of our street is a fabulous view of the Vegas Valley (its really an alluvial plane, but that's not so catchy...). The lights really sparkle at night - this photo was about a half hour after sun-up. Sometimes it is cloudy where we are, but at the same time, we can see the sun reflecting off the tall shiny buildings on the strip in the distance.

The valley is like a saucer and our neighborhood is up on the rim of the saucer, so we can see all the way across the metro area.

I call our new neighborhood the Shady Rest. There are real trees instead of palm trees and much more interaction amongst the neighbors, since everyone is kind of 'cheek by jowl', (although, I think we have more yard than some of the new construction going up, these days).

It is a very modest neighborhood, but friendly. There is quite a list of rules, but not all of them seem to be enforced.

One that is enforced, quite vigorously, however, is 'no working on cars'. Apparently some time back, the EPA paid a visit and found that not everyone was careful about disposing of fluids, so the ban was put in place to avoid 'chronic infraction' status. That is a deep disappointment to The Mister, as he was looking forward to puttering with the Falcon, since it has been out of the paint shop for a very short time. We are researching alternatives for him, since there is not so much to keep him busy with our small space.

One of the rules that seems to be less important is 'no clutter in the yard' and 'only lawn furniture on the patio'.

This is a neighbor across the street:

You can't see in the photo that the 'destination' sign on the motor home says "Twilight Zone". It is kind of a hippie bus with ALL kinds of things in the yard. You can just see the refrigerator to the left of the bus. I don't want to be rude and stare, but if there was a roof over it all, I think it could be on "Hoarders"!

Most of the other neighbors are very tidy, although there are quite a few that have gone a bit overboard with plastic flowers as landscaping.

Since clutter is not against the law, we enjoy the eccentricity aspect.

At least there is no HOA!


Allie said...

What a lovely view! I know what you mean about new construction - some of the homes I see are worth SO much money, and yet they're all clustered together like sardines. If I was going to spend big money on a home, it would come with breathing room and lots of it!
That Twilight Zone sign is too funny. I have to say the site looks a little like my neighbor's house across the street, lol - they have a two-story barn [bigger than the house] and it's packed to the rafters, with all kinds of stuff spilling out into the yard!

I hope your hubby can find somewhere to work on his car. That would drive me nuts!

Gaynell said...

Sorry to hear about the "no tinkering" rule. That is a bummer! Nice to have a congenial neighborhood, though.

Martha said...

That is a great view! Seems like you get up pretty early -- hope the commute isn't too long.

I love the Twilight Zone bus -- not too surprising since I was a hippie and I do own the entire TZ collection). I am also creepily drawn to watching Hoarders on A&E -- even the really gross episodes with animal feces. Gordon refuses to watch them with me (even though I sit through endless boring programs on the Military Channel). I usually clean out a drawer or closet after watching Hoarders and I feel really proud of myself.

Kate said...

Hi, Jan;
Well, I'm an idiot. For some reason I thought when you packed up and moved out you were heading to parts unknown. I didn't realize you were staying in the same place. I guess I've been a little out of it, lately. Anyhoo. I liked that quiet photo of where you depart in the mornings. Hope you're enjoying the new digs!