Monday, August 16, 2010

Vintage Redwork Stuff

After several weeks of avoiding the Great Chaos Behind The Door, I have begun sorting and packing my studio to go to storage.
These are a few things that I have come across in the process:

An orphan pillow case.

The case feels like a contemporary fabric and it is a bit bigger than vintage ones usually are, so I am guessing this was done in the last 20 years. I don't crochet, so I have no idea if the pattern is as complex as it appears. I think it is lovely, though.

This is a very cute dresser scarf, edged in red cotton, and the design is made by stitching red braid into a graceful vining pattern with pink thread. It is very precisely done!

There is some wear on the corners of the solid fabric, but it doesn't have any of the stains that are so common in vintage dresser scarves. I think the white fabric is linen. Maybe it was used as a table runner, or on the dresser of a very careful person.

This is one of the more intriguing embroidery projects that I have come across. The overall size is about the size of the usable part of a flour sack, after trimming the stitch hole margins. It also has the same fabric slubs that I find in a lot of flour sacks.

The motif is huge, more than life size, as you can see by my model...

I am not sure if it was intended as a dishcloth, or table topper or maybe a cover for a baby carriage. Or maybe it was meant to drape across the foot of a twin bed.

I have always liked red. When we were small, Dearest Sister always went for purple and I went for red. If it was candy, she took grape and I went for cherry.

She finally put her purple luggage from 1973 in the last garage sale. But I still have my red and white teddy bear!

Maybe that explains why redwork sparks such an interest for me!


Gaynell said...

The reds are very vibrant. I particularly like the braid attached with pink thread. I have been reading some civil war era stories and when there was no radio or television, needlework was not only functional, but entertaining... sometimes done while chatting with friends. An interesting time.

Allie said...

Wow those are just beautiful! Maybe the kitty was a summer crib blanket..
I've always been partial to red too. Especially paired with white - it has such a clean, cheerful look to it!

lunaticraft said...

Beautiful finds! The braid with the pink thread is so stunningly perfect looking! Red and white always just scream summer to me. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Yay Becky! She likes KState Purple even from the time she was a little kid! Tish