Sunday, July 12, 2009

Travel & Souvenir Quilts

We are finally home again! I feel like I have been silent for such a long time that it is hard to know where to start to catch up! We have traveled so much the first half of this year, the trips are beginning to run together. This trip was again to the Kansas City area and it had a two-fold purpose.

First, we delivered the Galaxie to its new owner. The Galaxie was the first car that The Mister restored. As with any project, he learned much in the process and always saw the things that he would do differently, if he were doing it again. So, he decided to let someone else enjoy it for what it is and change the 'flaws' if they were inclined to. It was a sad moment when we drove away, though. The new owners are people we are acquainted with through one of our car clubs and we know they will give it a good home. They already had it registered for the county fair parade next month!

The second purpose of the trip was to complete the purchase of a house that will someday be our retirement home.

When I was in KC last month after my brother-in-law passed away, I spent a day or so with a realtor. The Mister and I had been looking at real estate on-line and had identified a couple of bank owned properties that we thought might fill the bill for us down the road. We decided to think about buying now, while the interest rates are low and it is a bit of a 'buyer's market'. With only a tiny amount of last minute uncertainty, we closed on the house last Wednesday. Wisest Sister is going to live in it until I retire (most likely in three or four years). One of the features that was a priority for us was living area on one floor. That also appeals to WS, so it will be a good fit for her in the meantime and us down the road a bit!

While we were there, I went to three estate sales!! One was a very large 60's ranch home in a very upscale area. Not a lot of vintage treasure, but I did get a large zip-lock bag full of embroidery floss and some lovely wool gabardine fabric.

The next sale was a small sale, family run in a very modest neighborhood. The mother had passed away several years earlier and the father recently. I got the idea that the two sisters had cleaned out 'the good stuff' when their mother passed. But I found this:

The quilt, not the cat...

It is hand pieced and hand quilted. It has a few age spots, but no damage to the fabric.

It was not marked, so I asked the price. When she said 'five dollars', I tucked it under my arm! I also picked up some flour sacks and vintage greeting cards and The Mister bought two oil filters for the Fairlane. I think perhaps this one will be my 'trial' quilt before I try to get the spots out of the tragic quilt.

I found this at the third sale!

It is also hand pieced and hand quilted! It is in very good condition. The fabric seems very sturdy and most of the colors are very bright.

It was not a 'steal' like the purple quilt, but I thought it was a very good buy at $75!

The last leg of our trip included a stop at Dearest Sister's house for an evening and overnight.

We also had the pleasure of visiting with the Grandbebe girl and her mama! Her mama has a new hair cut which makes her look very chic and modern. Here, she shows it off with her wonderful smile!

DS and Grandbebe Girl's mama

One of the last highlights of the trip was going to one of the last places that sell a chocolate and vanilla twist cone - accompanied by a two year old for entertainment!


Allie said...

Congratulations on your new home purchase! And how lovely that your sister will be living in it.
I'm gasping for air over your treasures. Amazing - just amazing.

Martha said...

Oh yes -- Congratulations on your retirement home purchase -- it sounds like a perfect arrangement. Of course, I love your new quilts -- the Dresden is so dainty and has a wonderful quilting pattern, and the purple & white is such an unusual design. I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, the tiny part of your trip that I witnessed was only a minor part of the adventure. I'm glad you are safely home. Love, WS

Lynne said...

What finds!

How wonderful to know where you are going to retire. So smart of you to buy now and to have WS living there now is such a plus for you both! I have no clue where we will end up. We always thought we'd be at our cabin in CO (at least for most of the year) but we just can't plan our retirement yet. :( I'm with you about the all-on-one-floor feature!

Gee, too bad DS and her daughter don't look anything alike ... ;)

Iron Needles said...

Haha! Love Lynne's comment on how Grandbebe's mama and I look alike! Let's show here the photo and tell her what she's going to look like in 30 years! That'll do'er!

PS...sharing quilts is long and good tradition...

Tish said...

Hey Jan- I bought some of those Rainer Cherries you talked about on you last blog-- they ARE SO good!! Thanks for writing about them!! Nice pics of Becky and her daughter and granddaughter! Glad about your $5 quilt-- you lucky thing! Too bad Billy Mays died-- you could have asked him if his Oxyclean would remove those spots!!
See ya, Tish

Debbie / Prairie Emporium said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your quilts and such good buys.
I am a sucker for all kinds of quilts and antiques, my house is overflowing.
My Grandma told me years ago to put 20 mule team borax on the spots. I find it works most of the time and not to harsh.
I am also glad you found my jewelry at the Big Well, it is surprising how many people stop there everyday. I am on a little mission to talk to each of the city council members, and see if we can’t get something done about the electricity, to see down in the well. I am not too good at stuff like that so we will see how I do.

flossy-p said...

$5!!!!!!? That is a total, a total steal!